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The Blue People

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Yes! I give lessons! I teach in the Bronx, and I strongly prefer that you come here to study. Bronx lessons are very reasonably priced. I will travel to teach, schedule permitting, but I charge significantly more to do so. Contact me for specifics or go to the Lessons and Clinics page to learn more.


I specialize in old-school production techniques. Though I’m up to date with current technologies, my specialty is working with performers. I like recording bands and singers who are accompanied by human beings rather than samples and sequencers. I’m particularly helpful with bands and singers who are new to serious recording. Visit the Production page for more information.

Recording Sessions

I’d love to play on your record! Contact me for rates and details. I’m not set up to record tracks at home yet, but I will be soon. I’m also happy to travel to wherever you are, if it’s feasible.

Shows and Tours

I toured anywhere from three to six months a year for decades. I’ve done less of it in the past few years for a variety of reasons. But I’m always up for it if the music, the people, and the business are right. Go to the Shows and Tours page for more information.

2 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. Shuzze me; “No mention of CoolRunnings!–Blasphymy!!!”
    Hi Andy,
    Many a nite sleeping on a futon in the back of a smoke filled van a’la Coolrunnings selection!
    I will never forget the gig in a college in Greenwich Village and we were about to go on and we were wondering where you were when all of a sudden we heard this rumbling coming the the ave, with the sound of a homeless chariot (shopping cart) was the famous Silvertone Sterio Amp on wheels!
    Think of you often; from Jamaica thru Europe etc. I am the founder of the Exodus Rhythm Reggae Band. ( Pray for me as they are all of Jamaican Roots and I’m the
    mighty Whitey)

    1. No mention of Cool Runnings! True. I haven’t finished the chronology yet. Thanks for reminding me. I should put the 12″ in the discography as well. Good to hear from you. Where are you these days?

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