Everybody I’ve Ever Played With (that I can remember)

As many of you know, I post regularly on Facebook. It works for me, with all the usual apologies and disclaimers. A few days ago someone asked me, “Why don’t you post a list of all the people you’ve ever played with? A lot of people would find it interesting.” My initial reaction was that if that’s the case, a lot of people need better things to do with their time. But after thinking about it for a while, I decided that it would be a fun project. So I compiled one.

I decided that since part of being a working musician is playing with other musicians of varying degrees of fame and success, it wouldn’t be right to exclude people that I’d played with just because they are unknown. I also decided that I would err on the side of inclusion. If I played at least one song with a musician during the course of a professional performance, either live or in the studio, they made the list. (I include singers and DJs as musicians, for convenience.) Obviously this list is far from complete; for example I played with ten horn players on the Aretha Franklin gig a couple of weeks ago and got none of their names. As I remember more people, I will update this list. Most of the names are pleasant memories; a few are not. In the interest of completeness, they are on here too. The list is alphabetized by first name. My librarian ancestors are shuddering in horror, but it was a lot quicker to sort that way. I wasn’t consistent about nicknames; if I know a musician’s proper name, it’s included.

If I played with you and you’d like to be added to the list, email me through the website, remind me when and where, and I will add you. If you’d like to be removed, too bad. You’re guilty as charged. Email me and I’ll remind you approximately when and where it happened. If you’d like to hear the story behind how a particular name got on this list, email me and I’ll tell you. Enjoy!

A. J. Brown


Aaron Thurston

Above and Alone


Adam Pascal & Larry Edoff

Adina Edwards

Adriel Williams

Al Campbell

Al Street

Alan Dwyer

Alani Golanski

Alberto Tarin

Alex Craven

Alex Hernandez

Alonzo Connell

Alton Ellis

Alvin Haughton

Amy Coleman

Anant Pradhan

Anastasia Rene

Anastas “Nasty” Hackett

Andre Blackwood

Andre Murchison

Andrew Hardin

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McIntyre

Andy Bassford’s Jazz Conspiracy

Andy Jarcho

Andy Mackle

Andy Stack

Anicia Banks

Ann Klein

Ansel the Meditation

Anthony Pierre

Anthony Vigliotti

Antonio Livornio

Ardie Wallace

Aretha Franklin


Arnold Brackenridge


Aston “Family Man” Barrett


Aubrey Dayle

Augustus Pablo

Ave Karel

Avenue K Orchestras

B. B. Seaton

Bagga Walker

Barefoot Poets

Barrington Levy

Barbara Jones

Barry Douglas

Barry Morgan

Barry Presser

Basil “Benbow” Creary

Beeb D’Elia

Ben Basile

Bennett Paster

Bennie Williams

Benny Bailey

Beres Hammond

Bernard “Touter” Harvey

Bernard Collins

Bernie Pitters

Bertram “Ranchie” McLean

Big Youth

Bill Dougal

Bill Flowerree

Bill Funcheon

Bill Holloman

Bill Messinetti

Billy & The Buttons

Bitty McLean

Bob Genovesi

Bob Paskowitz

Bobbeth Edwards

Bobby Ellis

Bobby Keys

Bobby Lewis

Bongo Herman

Bonnie Raitt

Boris Gardiner

Brian Johnson

Brian Stanley

Brian Topolski

Brigadier Jerry

Brooklyn Attractors

Bryan Beninghove

Buford O’Sullivan

Bunny & Skully

Bunny Brissette

Burger Dee

Burning Spear

Calvin Thomas

Cameron Greenlee

Camille Gainer Jones

Cannabis Cup All-Stars


Carl Harvey

Carl Sturken

Carla Kelly

Carlene Davis

Carlos Diaz

Carlton “Santa” Davis

Carlton Barrett

Carmen Cosentino

Carolyn Leonhart

Cary Brown


Cecelia Tenconi

Cedric Brooks

Charles Bassford

Charles Doughtery

Charles Farquharson

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Spataro

Chozen Lee

Chris Anderson

Chris Meredith

Chris Paccione and the Turnstyle Jumpers

Christopher “Sky Juice” Burtt


Chynna Nicole

Claire Daly

Clarence Spady

Clark & the Superslicks

Clark Gayton

Claudelle Clarke

Clement Paddyfote & The Associates

Cliff Hackford

Cliff Simpson

Clinton “Bubbles” Rowe

Coati Mundi


Cocoa Tea


Coleman Barks

Cool Runnings Band

Cornel Marshall

Cornell Campbell

Cory Daye

Courtney Panton

Craig Peterson


Current Affairs

D. J. Simpson

Daddy Freddy

Daddy Lion Chandell

Damion Martelliere

Dan Clark

Daniel Lamb

Danny Brownie

Danny Mangaroo

Danny Miller

Dave Fields

Dave Henry

David Aaron

David Frank

David Gibson

David Gilmore

David Jones

David Madden

David Oliver

David Ondrick

David Santos


Dean Fraser

Delroy Wilson


Dennis Brown

Dennis Mackrel

Derrick Barnett

Derrick Harriot

Derrick Lara

Desi Jones

Desmond Jones

Desmond Gaynor

Devon Richardson

Dezron Douglas


Doc Night

Don Harris


Donny Marshall

Donovan McKitty

Doreen Shaffer

Doug Wimbish

Duane Scott

Dwight Pinkney

Earl “Chinna” Smith

Earl “Wia” Lindo

Earl Appleton

Earl Zero

Early B

Early Clover

Echo Minott

Ed Bradley

Eddie (Eddistone) Parkins

Eddie Bert

Eddie Bullen


Elle Suckarie

Eric “Bingy Bunny” Lamont

Eric “Fish” Clarke

Eric Levine

Eric Smith

Ernest Ranglin

Errol “Flabba Holt” Carter

Etienne Charles

Eugene Grey

Eugene Medina

Everton Blender

Everton Gayle

Fazal Prendergast

Felix Da Housecat

Fitzroy Jarrett

Frank Yanni

Frankie Knick & the Country Knights

Frankie Paul

Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul

Fred Reiter

Fred Weidenhammer

Freddie Butler

Freddie McGregor

Freddy McKay

Frits Landesbergen

Gabe Moses Kirchheimer

Gary Horowitz

Gary Schwartz


General Trees

George “Fully” Fullwood

George Faith

George Morales

George Naha

Ger Murphy

Gerald Alston

Gerry Thomas

Gil Parris


Gladstone (Gladdy) Anderson

Glen Brownie

Glen DaCosta

Glenn Alexander

Glenn Nozick

Graham Haynes


Greg Glassman

Greg Latty

Gregory Isaacs

Guillermo Edgehill

Hadley Hines

Handel Tucker

Harold Butler

Hassan Shakur

Heather Wolfe

Henry “Snow White” Seth

Herlin Riley

Home Alone

Hoover Simpson

Hope Berkeley

Hopeton Hibbert

Horace Andy

Horace James

Horace Martin

Hubert Powell, Jr.

Huw Gower

Hux Brown

Ian Hendrickson-Smith

Ibo Cooper

Ijahman Levi

Inner Roots

Irvin “Carrot” Jarrett

Island Head


I-Word & the Sound of Creation

J. C. Lodge

J. D. Smoothe

Jackie Jackson

Jah Jerry

Jah Macetas

Jah Screw

Jake Quintos

James “Doc” Halliday

Jane Getter

Janice “Princess Tia” White

Jenieve Hibbert Bailey

Jeff Ganz

Jeff Guenther

Jeff Keithline

Jennifer Khan

Jennifer Lara

Jennifer Vincent

Jeremy Mage

Jeremy Pelt

Jenny Hill

Jerry Hemphill

Jerry Johnson

Jerry Scaringe

Jim Wacker & Collateral Damage

Jimmy Madison

Jimmy Riley

Joanne Williams

Joe Gibbs & the Professionals

Joe Louis Walker

John DiGiulio

John Holt

Johnny Clarke

Johnny Feds

Johnny Osbourne

Johnny Ventura

Josey Wales

Joshua David Barrett

Joshua Thomas

Joy Askew

Judy Mowatt

Junior “Chico” Chin

Junior Delgado

Junior Jazz

Junior Kelly

Junior Panton

Justin Rothberg

Joyous Perrin

Kalvin Kristi

Karen Smith

Karl Wright

Kathleen “KB” Breitenfeld

Keisha Martin

Keith Lambeth

Keith Sterling

Ken Boothe

Ken Levinsky

Ken Stewart

Kenny Hicks

Kevin Batchelor

Kim Clarke

Kim Goldich

Kim Miller

Kingston Band

Kojak & Liza

Kristina Cascone

Kristina Con Vita

Kurt Wyberanec


Lady Saw

Larry Colman

Larry Edoff

Larry Holtzman

Larry McDonald

Larry Silvera

Laury Webb & the Tiger Bone Band

Lavern Baker

Leba Thomas

Lee Scratch Perry

Lee Van Cliff

Leebert “Gibby” Morrison

Leighton Panton

Leon Duncan

Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace

Leroy Graham

Leroy Guy

Leroy Smart

Leroy Sibbles

Leslie Butler

Lester Sterling

Lew York

Lieutenant Stitchie

Lily White

Lincoln “Style” Scott

Lipbone Redding

Little Joe Cook

Little John

Little Sammy Davis

Lizzie O’Donnell

Lloyd Brevette

Lloyd Knibb

Lloyd Parks and We The People Band

Lonesome Tommy

Lorin Cohen

Louie Fleck

Lowell Marin


Lyn Taitt


Marc Lydiard

Marcia Aitken

Marcia Davis

Marcia Griffiths

Marco Giovino

Marianne McSweeney

Mark Clarke

Mark Mancini

Mark Paquin

Mark the Harper

Marque Gilmore

Marvin Burke

Marvin Horne



Melanie “Munch” Hibbert

Melody Makers

Michael Packer

Michael Prophet

Michigan & Smiley

Mighty Diamonds

Mike Hayden

Mike Katz

Mike Lefton

Mike O’Sullivan

Mike Olivieri

Mike Yakemore

Mikey Chung

Milton Henry

Mina’s Fantasy

Mister Fred

Mitch Margold

Mo Roberts

Monty Alexander

Mortie Butler


Myrna Hague

Natalie Merchant

Natty Frenchy

Neil Capolongo

Ned Massey

Neil Jason

Neville Brown

Neville Hinds

Neville Morris

New Kingston

Nicky Moroch

Noel Alphanso

Noel “Skully” Sims

Norman Ward

Norris Man

Norris Reid

Norris Webb

Nuwaupu Ft Teddy Powell

NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble

Obed Calvaire

One Drop

Ossie Dellimore

Owen Dalhouse

Owen Grey

Owen Heimer

Ozzie Scott

Pablo Black

Pamela Fleming

Party Animal

Pat Carmichael

Pat Tomasso

Patrick Van Dyke

Patrick Burke

Paul Douglas

Paul Hamilton

Paul Ossola

Paul Schonberg

Paul Sutton

Paul Triff

Percy Bastiany

Percy Sledge

Peter Ashbourne

Peter Broggs

Peter Buhles

Peter Grine

Peter Scarlett

Peter Tosh

Peter Wolf

Phil Badresingh

Phil Magallanes

Phil Myrrh

Philip Frazer

Planet Groove

Prince Far I

Prince Hammer


Radcliffe “Dougie” Bryan


Ras Bones

Ras Karbi

Ras Menelik

Ras Midas

Ras Tesfa

Ray DeTone

Ray Marchica

Raymond Stewart

Reggae Plus

Reggie Barnes

Rhythm Force

Rich Campbell

Rich Graiko

Richard “Jamaka” Johnson

Richard Ace

Richard Benetar

Richard Gibbs

Richie Foulks

Rick Pernod

Rick Sigler

Rick Sperber

Ricky Tepperberg


Rita Jenrette

Rob Micucci

Rob Symeonn

Robbie Lyn

Robert Jackson

Robert May

Robert Silverman

Rod Taylor

Roger Astudillo

Roger Greenawalt

Roland Alphanso


Ron McBee

Ron Otis

Ron Wilson

Ron Wood

Ronald “Nambo” Robinson

Ronnie Butler

Ronnie Guy

Ronnie Murphy

Roots Nation

Roots Radics

Rosco Gordon


Roy Dunlap

Ruff Stuff

Ryan Scott

Safi Abdullah

Sagittarius Band

Satellite Lovers



Scott Hamilton

Screechy Dan

Shabba Ranks

Shae Lawrence


Shae Lawrence

Sharay Reed

Sharon Williams

Sheila Hylton

Sheldon Bernard

Shema McGregor

Shirley King


Simeon Stewart

Simone G (Simone Gordon)

Singing Melody

Sister Carol

Sister Nancy


Sly & Robbie

Small Bones

Sonny Hudson

Sophia George

Soul Defenders

Sound Dimension


Spliffy Dan

Spragga Benz

Stan “Free” Freeman

Stanley Beckford/Stanley and the Turbines

Stephanie Mackay

Steve Dash

Steve Holley

Steve Marshall and the Deputies

Steven Suckarie

Stew Cutler

Sugar Minott


Tahir Panton


Tanya Stephens

Tappa Zukie Allstars

Taste Band

Teenie Hodges

The Blue People

The Engagements

The Jones Girls

The Moody Jews

The Venturians

Theo Jackson

Theophilus “Easy Snappin’” Beckford

Tiger O’Neill

Timmy Cappello

Tinga Stewart


Tom Ayres

Tom Barnett

Tommy Dest

Tommy McCook

Tony Mason

Toots and the Maytals

Toussaint The Liberator



Track Hedz Featuring Greg Vifranc

Trevor (Bridges) Bridgewater

Trey Anastasio

Tristan Palma

Tyrone Downie

Tyrone Taylor



Uzziah “Sticky” Thompson

Val Douglas

Valerie Kelly

Various Artists

Vin Gordon

Vinnie Conigliaro

Vita Izabella


Wailing Souls

Walt Syzmanski

Wayne Escoffrey

Wayne Fletcher

Wayne Jarrett

Wild Jimmy Spruill

Willi Jones

Willie Lindo

Willie Martinez

Willie Nelson

Winard Harper

Winston “Bo-Pee” Bowen

Winston Clarke

Winston Fisher

Winston Grennan & Ska-Rocks Band

Winston Jarrett

Winston Semoins

Winston Wright

Wright Brothers Band

Yao Dzindulu



Zap Pow


2 thoughts on “Everybody I’ve Ever Played With (that I can remember)

  1. loved looking at the list and recognizing names from Trinity like Bob Paskowitz, Bill Floweree, Rick and Barry…it was so so long ago … Would love to see you perform. Maybe Jenny, Jodi and I could meet you in the city sometime? Amy

  2. Please don’t deny me my 15 minutes of fame. You I worked together in my studio on Samurai’s box set and I have the tracks to prove it. We also crossed paths again playing behind Keisha Martin (didn’t see her name on the list either). Would that suffice?

    Take care Andy.

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